Best BB Cream for oily skin

Want to have a beautiful flawless velvety skin like some korean girls?

A BB Cream can help you with that.

If you have oily skin, there are BB Creams especially designed for your type of skin. And here I’m going to share with you the one I believe to be the best.

Semi matte, soft focus finish

BB Creams with a “Luminous” or “Natural” finish will make your skin too dewy or glowy if you have oily skin. If above that you live in a city or town with hot weather or if you are very active throughout your day, your face will very likely get shiny and oily after a few hours. Better to go for a Matte finish.

If you don’t like the matte finish too much, don’t worry, the “natural moisturizer” your face produce will make it look more glowy and dewy, because your skin will find an equilibrium between a “dry” formula and an oily face, depending on how much oil your skin produce.

I used those pictures to get you an idea of what your skin would look like depending on how oily your skin is and how mattifying the product you wear is.

If your skin isn’t very oily (normal-oily) and you use a very mattifying product, you will get a finish similar to the girl from the first picture.

If you have a more oily skin and use a very mattifying product, you might get a similar finish to the girl in the second picture.

The same thing might happen if you have, for example, very dry skin and use a very dewy product. Or, if you have normal-dry skin and use a very dewy product.

You have to imagine that the “two formulas” (your natural moisturizer and the product you’ll use) are mixing and getting you a new third formula, that will determine the way your skin will look.

The other reason why I used those pictures is because I want you to notice that both “finishes” look good and beautiful in their own particular way.

Pore-minimizing properties

If you have oily skin, chances are, you have enlarged pores. This happens because your skin type produces a lot of oil through your sebaceous glands, and sometimes these get clogged.

Not everything is bad about having oily skin. People with oily skin actually seem to have to worry less about, for example, wrinkles, than other skin types, because they have good “natural moisturizers”, however, they can look unaesthetic and make foundation look wierd.

Enlarged pores isn’t a health concern either, but they limit your potential. You could have a flawless even look instead. A good BB Cream especially designed for enlarged pores can give you a semi matte finish with soft focus effect, to diminish their appearance.

Enlarged pores can’t be “cured” completely, because, first, as I said, it isn’t a medical condition, and second, it doesn’t affect your health negatively, only from an aesthetic perspective.  But don’t worry, the BB Cream I’ll share with you can help to improve their appearance AND their condition, keeping them unclogged and covering them in a very particular way.


  • Absorbing oil
  • Refreshing skin
  • Is lightweight
  • Fixing dullness
  • Correcting uneven texture

LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Blur


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