Best CC Cream 2019

Best CC Cream 2019

Hello, beautiful!

Today I bring to you the best CC Cream! I love this one because of the many benefits it’ll bring to you, and because it is so practical and easy to use. I know it’ll help you look even more amazing and beautiful!

For me, the best CC Cream must:


  • Offer Full coverage
  • Create a radiant natural flawless complexion
  • Possess anti-aging skincare properties
  • Work on every skin type
  • Have SPF 50+ physical sunscreen
  • Increase hydration
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores
  • Be clinically tested
  • Be cruelty free
  • Be free of parabens and phthalates
  • Be easily applied
  • Work as a moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, concealer and foundation at the same time.

IT COSMETICS Your skin but better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+


Price: $39.00

  • Offer Full coverage: Yes
  • Create a radiant flawless complexion: Yes
  • Possess anti-aging skincare properties: Yes
  • Work on every skin type: Yes
  • Have SPF 50+ physical sunscreen: Yes
  • Increase hydration: Yes
  • Smooth skin texture: Yes
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores: Yes
  • Clinically tested: Yes
  • Cruelty free: Yes
  • Free of parabens and phthalates: Yes
  • Be easily applied: Yes
  • Be multitask, work as a moisturizer, sunscreen, serum, concealer and foundation: Yes

Amazing coverage! Gorgeous finish!


This CC Cream actually possesses amazing coverage. It will cover scars, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, discoloration, you name it. Most BB Creams and CC Creams offer from sheer to medium coverage, but this one is truly Full Coverage.

It will leave your skin flawless! Any discolorations, breakouts, dark circles, you name it, can be corrected very nicely with this CC Cream.

It will look like skin… but better, as the name suggest!

The finish it leaves on skin is so beautiful!


Watch this video to see how beautiful it looks!


Natural, Matte and Luminous


When we say a foundation gives a “Natural” finish, we mean it will give your skin a radiant appearance, glow and dew, but not too much to be considered “Luminous” and not too little to be considered “Matte”.

A “Natural” finish usually involves a slight amount of glow and luminosity, characterized by a “healthy” appearance. We could say that a “Natural” finish is in between “Luminous” and “Matte”.

A natural finish is recommended for Normal and Combination or even skin types.

A “Matte” finish lacks luminosity and looks velvety. It is often recommended for oily skin types and usually, mattifying products contain oil control ingredients and properties that reduce the appearance of pores.

A “Luminous” finish offers glow and looks dewy and radiant. Often, a “Luminous” finish is preferred by dry or normal skin

If you want something more specific


This CC Cream works magic on every skin type; if you want to target specific concerns, you can use the alternative versions of it.

For example, for a OILY or ACNE-PRONE skin, this one may just work perfectly for you. It is ideal if you want to reduce the look of pores as well or if you simply love the Matte finish!

IT COSMETICS Your skin but better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40

Watch this video to see how beautiful it looks


Or, if you have DRY skin, or simply love a very luminous finish, I would recommend using IT COSMETICS CC+ Cream Illumination with SPF 50+.

Watch this video to see how beautiful it looks


As a concealer


In case you needed fuller coverage, you can simply stipple wherever you need that extra coverage and you’ll conceal it perfectly fine, for example, on dark circles, dark spots, etc.

It’ll do an excellent job. Hide those flaws.


As an anti-aging skincare product


What I love about CC Creams is that they blur the line between makeup and skincare. Especially this one.

It contains hydrolized collagen, antioxidants, vitamins, peptides, niacine, hyaluronic acid, plants oils, etc. These ingredients are like superfoods to your skin, helping to reduce inflammation, minimazing the appearance of wrinkles, hydrating your skin, reducing UV damage, etc.

SPF +50 Physical Sunscreen and anti-aging skincare


If you haven’t read about the damage UV rays can cause to your skin, I recommend you to read about it.

The experts go as far as saying that sunscreen is the best anti-aging product snd the best skincare product. They say you should be wearing sunscreen everyday, without fail.

UV rays and blue light (the light that your devices emit) are the main responsible for premature aging and basically every skin problem.

Basically, if you protect your skin from UV rays and blue light, you will have healthy skin, period. You can read about it here.

On the other hand, failing to protect your skin from UV rays and blue light will limit skin your potential drastically and will make it almost impossible to have beautiful skin.

You couldn’t have it any easier than this. You live in a wonderful time. Advances in science and technology allow us to have these type of wonderful creams that make it super easy to have beautiful skin.

What else do you want? by simply applying this CC Cream, you’ll get foundation, concealer, serum, moisturizer, all of them in one single application.

If that’s not enough, you’ll be glad to also know that the sunscreen in this cream isn’t chemical (chemical sunscreens can be toxic), but physical, which makes it even better.

Vitamin C and glow


A dull skin looks boring and limits the potential of your skin to look more amazing.

As I said earlier, sunscreen is one of dermatologists favorites, but there’s another one that is a favorite too, and that’s vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is famous for giving glow to skin, and its reputation is well deserved. This antioxidant truly iluminates your skin, making it look more youthful.

Antioxidants, especially Vitamin C adds glow and strengthen sun-protection


When you apply sunscreen and antioxidants on your face, the antioxidants  strengthen the power of the sunscreen even more and increase skin’s glow and luminosity, especially the antioxidant Vitamin C. No more dull skin. This product has sunscreen AND antioxidants, included Vitamin C.

It won’t just cover your skin flaws, it may actually help to improve their condition, while it covers them.



The ingredient Hyaluronic Acid will make your skin hydrated and plump and protect it from the stressors of the envoronment, this will help to keep your skin free of irritation, dryness and will look smooth, plump, healthy and youthful. This same quality will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.



If you’ve heard or read about skincare routines, you may know that sometimes it seems like maintaining your skin looking great is difficult, and the truth is that sometimes it is… beauty has a price, right?

But the good thing is that with the creation of BB Creams and (later) CC Creams, keeping your skin healthy and looking great is much, much easier!

You basically are applying moisturizer, serum, primer, concealer and foundation in one step. Awesome, right?

Besides, you don’t need any especial applying technique or brush. You can simply apply it as if you were applying moisturizer. It wouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes.

In a rush to work, school or anywhere else? No problem! You can carry it with you and apply it in an instant. Flawless skin just in a couple of minutes! Very practical!


Based on the many benefits it offers, included full coverage, flawless finish foundation, the price, the versatility, the practicity, the skincare benefits, SPF +50 broad spectrum physical sunscreen, the antioxidants it contains, included Vitamin C, the hydrating properties and the nutrients, makes it, in my opinion, the best CC Cream so far.

6 Replies to “Best CC Cream 2019”

  1. Hi Neil,

    I know about the BB cream I ddint know there was a CC Cream. This looks like it has a lot of benefits and all the areas that we need to keep our skin young and beautiful.

    One of the challenges I had with BB is that it didn’t have the right color match for my skin tone and shade, i had to get two to mix to come close. It looks like the CC has several shades and also the shade finder. I hope this will be easy to find for my skin tone.

    1. Hi, Zikora! 🙂 Yes, sounds like skincare is singing the ABC, right? 🙂 Yes, CC Creams are relatively new and CC stands for Color Correcting, they have a lot of benefits to keep your skin young and beautiful. I hope you find your tone in one of the 12 that are available, yes, the shade finder will help you find your skin tone and shade, but if you need more help, just let me know, I can help you with that too

  2. I was looking for a replacement cream product for my wife who is very particular about what she uses, and what we normally get for her is not available here in Dubai. So in my search, I came across your review of the best CC cream that you are recommending.

    My wife took a look at your review and all the many features and benefits of the IT Cosmetics CC Creams. It is quite sunny in the UAE and the SPF protection factor is huge with all these creams you have included. That is the number one reason my wife said this is it. The rest of the features are great too…

    Since the sun is so intense and for much of the day, she will go with the cream having the highest SPF, the one that is rated at 50. The price of this is also reasonable, we have paid more for less with other brands. Thanks for the great review and my wife appreciates your effort too! 

    1. Hello, Dave! Thank you for your comment! It’s great to read that this review could help you find something adequate for your wife! Yes, the SPF protection factor is huge, without flashbacks and non-chemical. Your wife won’t be disappointed!

  3. I love this product! I will never buy a different kind ever again. This product always looks amazing and feels amazing on the skin. Everything this article says about this product is absolutely true. My skin is so much more soft and is never dry. Stop your search for the perfect cc cream. It’s right here.

    1. Hi, Ruth! 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad to read that you LOVE it and that your skin is looking and feeling amazing!

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