Best foundations 2019

Best foundations 2019


Hello, beautiful!

I took on the task of bringing you a list with the best of the best!

This list is based on my subjective opinion, obviously! But I feel confident that you’re going to LOVE the foundations in this list because I really took my time to create a truly good list with the ones with the best coverage, finish and lasting power.

Also, I looked for the ones that make it I look like you aren’t wearing too much makeup on, or that you aren’t wearing any makeup at all 😉


KAT VON D Lock-It Foundation


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 Best feature: Extreme coverage!

Price: $18.00-$36.00

Finish: Matte

Coverage: Full

Formulation: Liquid

Shades available: 30

Skin type: Combination, Oily

Vegan. Free of parabens and phthalates. Cruelty free

Extreme coverage

I REALLY LOVED this one! And I can’t believe this is THE CHEAPEST of the list.

Are you looking for EXTREME coverage that looks GREAT? This is the one. Are you looking for striking FLAWLESS finish? This is the one.

We all love to feel confident, beautiful, comfortable, but sometimes it is hard when we are self-conscious about acne, scars, dark spots, redness, discoloration, you name it.

In these cases, it is wonderful to find a foundation with amazing covering power, and at the same time, we don’t want to make it obvious that we are wearing too much makeup to cover something. This foundation looks natural despite the fact that it offers extreme coverage.

With this one, a little goes a LONG way and looks amazing! Actually, when you apply it, you only need 1 pea-size droplet for medium coverage and 2 pea-size droplets for full coverage. Actually, don’t push the pump all the way down, that would be too much 🙂

So many women feel incredibly satisfied with this product. Some say that this even makes them look younger.

You don’t need to re-apply throughout the day, it will stay all day long.

Oil control

Do you have oily or combination skin? This will help you keep the oil controlled. The finish is matte, but it doesn’t get opaque, and if you wear a nice moisturizer before applying, it will even look beautifully dewy.

Two pea-size droplets is enough for great coverage and it won’t irritate your skin; if you have sensitive skin, you can wear it with confidence.

Here you have a great product that will help you cover all those things that could be making you feel a little insecure or self-conscious, that looks amazing, that doesn’t get cakey, that controls oil and stays all day. You will fall in love with it.

If you have dry skin, this might not be for you. Best suited for oily and combination skin.

GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Luminous Silk Foundation

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Best feature: Beautiful silky finish

Price: $64.00

Finish: Natural/Luminous

Formulation: Liquid

Coverage: Buildable

Shades available: 44

Skin type: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily

Vegan. Free of parabens and phthalates. Cruelty free

Compliment getter

It seems like everyone who tries this foundation falls in love with it, it also seems like everyone who has worn it has received a type of compliment or has had someone ask them what they are wearing on their face that makes it look so nice, or make a remark about how much their skin has improved; this one is what you could call a compliment magnet; it isn’t rare to hear someone make a remark about how good your skin looks.

Buildable coverage

A very interesting thing about this foundation is that even though the formulation is liquid and the consistency very thin, one would expect little coverage, but it has really good coverage. Not just that, it also stays for long time and is buildable, you can simply apply more product if you wish and you get more coverage, but it doesn’t get cakey and it doesn’t look unnatural or artificial.

If you had, for example, acne-prone skin, redness and/or breakouts, and you wanted to add more than one layer, it won’t get cakey, this foundation feels very thin and lightweight.

Silky finish

You won’t look like you are wearing too much makeup, it looks natural and the finish truly looks silky, and luminous!

Many women swear this foundation is the best they’ve tried. I’m sure you would to love it too.

The finish is described as looking like charmeuse silk.

TOO FACED Born This Way Foundation

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Best feature: It’s undetectable. Looks like skin

Price: $39.99

Finish: Radiant

Coverage: Medium-Full

Formulation: Liquid

Shades available: 35

Skin type: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily

Vegan. Cluelty free. Gluten free


As the name of this foundation suggests, the best thing about this foundation is that it is UNDETECTABLE, which means that people will wonder if you are wearing any makeup or not or if you were born with flawless skin.

We know that having flawless skin is almost impossible in real life witohut makeup. If you don’t wear, at least, a small amount of makeup, an imperfection here and there will be noticeable… there are just so many things that make it almost impossible to have flawless skin without at least “a little help”.

The coverage it offers is medium-full, which means that it will really cover imperfections.

 Youthful appearance

Another great feature in this foundation is that it gives your skin a youthful appearance, because, as you know, a youthful looking skin is soft and smooth. The ingredients in this formula will definitely make your skin smoother and softer thanks to hyalutonic acid, alpine rose and coconut water.

The finish that this foundation gives is radiant, which contributes to a healthy look.


It looks great in pictures, you won’t get any flashbacks and certainly will look like it’s your skin.

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

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Best feature: Long-wearing & many shades

Price: $35.00

Finish: Matte

Coverage: Full

Formulation: Liquid

Shades available: 50

Skin type: Normal, Combination, Oily

Free of parabens and phthalates. Cruelty free


This foundation is a great performer, resistant to humidity, sweat and weather. Even if you live in hot and humid weather, this will stay all day. Even if you have oily or combination skin, it will stay.

Your appearance will be natural. This is a really good foundation with full coverage. As you may already know, finding a full coverage foundation that looks natural is something difficult to find. If you are dealing with some redness, acne, scars, blotchiness, fine lines, etc. Most full coverage foundations look like a mask or look unnatural, opaque or simply fade after a few hours. This one will resist weather, activity, skin oil.

It’s composition is oil free, therefore, it won’t clog your pores, cause any breakout or make your skin greasy. The oppossite, it will keep oil in line and leave a pore-diffused and shine-free finish.

50 Shades to match your skin tone

Most people report that they consider this one to be one of the foundations that best matches their skin tone, maybe because there are 50 shades you can choose from.

It’s almost impossible that you won’t find the right shade to match your tone, making this foundation look very natural. Also, this formula is liquid and easy to apply.


ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation


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Best feature: Long-wear & many shades

Price: $42.00

Finish: Matte

Formulation: Liquid

Coverage: Full

Shades available: 55!

Skin type: Combination, Oily

Fragrance free. Oil free

“Holy grail”

Many women call this a “holy grail” foundation, especially for oily, acne-prone and combination skin. This is full coverage, will cover blotchiness, redness, fine lines, etc. This one will definitely give you a flawless finish.

Many women swear this foundation is perfect. You will look flawless when you apply this and you will still look flawless 24 hours later. It has great lasting power.

Virtually, every skin tone and undertone available

Another great thing about this is that it has 55 shades available, so you can find the one that best adapts to your skin tone.

Let’s face it, no matter how great a foundation is, if you can’t find the right color, it’s difficult that you

If you are a busy person and/or if you live in hot and humid weather and/or have oily skin, this one will work wonders for you, staying all day long.

It will leave you with a matte finish that looks so nice! and it will control oil.

Not the best for dry skin types; since it controls oil, well, it may dry your face.

Some women swear they look way younger when wearing this one.


MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation


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Best feature: Undetectable. Second skin finish

Price: $42.00

Finish: Natural

Formulation: Liquid

Coverage: Buildable

Shades available: 40

Skin type: Best for Normal and Combination but also works well on Oily and Dry

Fragrance free. Oil free


The goal of this foundation is to make your makeup undetectable to the eye, and to the cameras. If you are looking for a “second skin” type of makeup, this is it. If you are a woman that likes to take selfies, you will love it, this one is another one you would call “selfie friendly”. It has 40 shades available for you to get the one that best matches your skin tone.

The coverage is buildable, which means that you can apply more and the coverage will “build”, increase.

Second skin finish

This is another one that looks like skin. It will look very natural and will cover a good deal of imperfections.

 In the middle of the spectrum

It can be used by all skin types, although best suited for normal-combination skin.

As you may know, matte and full coverage foundations are usually recommended for oily-combination skin types and sheer-luminous foundations are often recommended for dry skin. Well, in the middle of those extremes, there’s the natural finish and the buildable coverage.

This will give you a healthy glow and luminosity, but not extreme, good coverage as well, but not extreme. This is what you would call a balanced foundation and directed to people with balanced skin types.


Something important to mention is that some women say that this product was reformulated and that it is no longer what it used to be, however, women who never tried the “previous formulation”, are very satisfied with this formula. You can always try it before you buy it and see if this one is for you.

Is this one for you?

If you aren’t very concerned about fuller coverage, have normal-combination skin, want a balanced finish between matte and luminous and like to take pictures and/or selfies, chances are this might be the perfect one for you.



Every skin type has its own individual needs. Consider what you have, what you want and what you need and choose the one that would be the best for you as an individual.

Is is full coverage what you need? Is it more luminosity? Is your skin acne-prone skin and you want to feel confident? Is you skin getting dull and need luminosity? Is your skin well balanced but you want extra glow? Are you a perfectionist? Is your goal to look great on social media? Are you a model and need the most photo-friendly foundation? Are you after compliments? Are you looking for good and long lasting performance? You want to look amazing but make it seem like you dodn’t even try?

Whatever your goal is, I hope this compilation helps to make it easier for you to find the foundation that’s perfect for you and make you look as you dream of.


8 Replies to “Best foundations 2019”

  1. Great post! You really had me blushing calling me beautiful at the beginning 😊 This is a very upbeat and positive message, well written, something that I really do appreciate and admire as a reader / shopper. To me Kat Von D looks really interesting, as does the Armani. I appreciate the effort you put into this post. I will be bookmarking it and forwarding it to some friends, well done!

    1. Thank you for commenting, beautiful! 🙂  I really appreciate your positive comment! I’m so glad to hear that you liked the post! 🙂  Yes, Kat Von D and Armani are both great options, what’s your skin type? Kat Von D suits oily skin types better and Armani (although works well on any skin type) works better on dry-normal-combination skin types. Bookmarking this post and forwarding it to your friends sounds amazing, thank you! 🙂

  2. Neil,

    I’m SO glad I found your website! In my teens, I struggled with terrible acne and oily skin, which left some pock marks.  My daughter, family members, and friends tell me they don’t notice pock marks at all. I have always been very conscious of them (and hate having flawed skin).

    You’ve given thorough reviews here and provided me with the short list of best foundations for 2019 to choose from. I appreciate your research into the specific results each foundation provides, including full coverage, radiant finish, smooth skin, photo-friendly, looks natural…

    I must wear foundation to minimize my acne scars, but don’t want to look like a painted lady! :S  It’s also important to me to use products that are cruelty-free. I really like what I read about KAT VON D Lock-It Foundation. 

    Do you have any other makeup suggestions for blemished skin?

    Thanks for steering me in the right direction for beautiful foundation!

    I’m following you…


    1. Hi, Tamara! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear that this article was helpful for you!

      I know, we tend to be more conscious about our flaws than others, especially with marks. A good foundation makes us feel more comfortable about them, making them much less visible or even invisible, and that’s the beauty of it.

      Yes, Kat Von D is a great option, and it is cruelty free and vegan.

      Other suggestions for blemished skin are Bobby Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Longwear Natural Matte Foundation and definitely Dior Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

      Thank you for your comment and for the following, I’ll do my best to keep bringing the best content for you.


  3. Very nice article on the Best foundations of 2019. I personally don’t wear much makeup as I prefer the all natural route as much as possible. But I do like a little coverage for my dark circles. I appreciate that a lot of these options are vegan, cruelty free and free of nasty chemicals. I will surely look into these! Thank you 

    1. Hi, Sherry! I’m glad to hear you liked this article! 🙂 

      Yes, it’s very important to consider that products are free of cruelty and harmful chemicals. 

      If you prefer the all natural route and want just a little coverage for your dark circles, I recommend those labeled as sheer coverage. Sheer coverage should satisfy your preferences better. Thanks you for your comment 🙂


  4. Niel

    I had great fun reading your extremely well written post. I found it on a date night when wifey asked me to order some foundation for her. 

    Your website is going straight to my wifeys favourites but I wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the awesome information and for saving me tons of money. 



    1. It’s great to hear that, Joshi! I’m so glad it could be of help for you and your wife! Thank you for leaving a comment here, I’m sure your wife is going to love her foundation.

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