Glossy face look

As the name indicates, a gloosy look is a look that gives your face a slightly wet appearance. In my opinion, this is a very hot look, because it makes you look healthy and sexy and gives your face an incredible amount of glow. To help you create the appearance of glossy skin, there are a few tricks you can use, which I’m going to share with you.

Your skin must be ultra hydrated and ultra glowy

It doesn’t mean it has to be oily, that’s something very different. It has to be hydrated. Deeply. But don’t worry, you can hydrate your skin very easily, all you need to do is choose the right ingredients for that purpose. The way I see it is like when you want to cook something, depending on the ingredients you use and the quantity of each one, the results will vary. There are as many variations of “recipes” as you can think, that’s why you need to know what to look for. In this case, you want to choose a “recipe” or formula with ingredients that will hydrate your skin and make it super glowy. The ingredient that in my experience will give you the greatest glow is Vitamin C, and when it comes to hydration, Hyaluronic Acid (or Sodium Hyaluronate), this ingredient¬†basically acts as a moisture “magnet”, so to speak, allowing you to retain a lot of moisture in your skin and giving it a “plumping” effect, a very good thing. The combination of these two will give you, in my experience, a really significative amount of glow and moisture. More ingredients are fine, but for me, these two are the key for this purpose. I chose a moisturizer with these qualities for you, if you want to buy it right now or take a look at it, you can click here. I hope you like it, the product is both safe and environment friendly.

Avoid Matte foundations, go for lightweight-illuminating foundations instead

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, glow and moisture are essential ūüôā that’s why I recommended to you a skincare moisturizer with the ingredients that I believe will be the most impactful, the “key ingredients” to have your skin glowy and moist, but if you get go even further and get the most out from you foundation as well, let me share with you what I believe to be the most important words to look for in your foundation, as well as the words to avoid in your fundation. First, avoid the foundations with the label “Matte”. The reason why you have to avoid using Matte foundations is because a Matte finish is the oppossite of a Glossy finish, a Matte finish will give you a velvety finish, but will “hide” the glow too (or at least will reduce its appearance), it will be very difficult to get a glossy look using Matte products, and even if you are able to get it, think about it: other types of foundation could not just not “cover” the glow, BUT ENHANCE it, improve it, unleash it. The perfect foundation for your desired look should say¬†lightweight fluid¬†and illuminating (or Luminous) or Radiant¬†finish in the details. This two words will indicate that it’ll give your face an extraordinary glow, and if you’ve been hydrating your face and “feeding” it with Vitamin C, your skin will be radiant. I chose a foundation with these qualities for you, if you want to buy it, you can click here. I hope you like it. Oh! and if you find any difficulties finding the perfect match for your skin tone, don’t worry, just click¬†here.


Apply moisturizing lip gloss on lips and eyebrows

Trust me on this one, this single step will truly enhance the look. This is a nice tip. See, the big picture of your face is more important than the isolated parts of it, and the general look of your face will look much glossier if you follow this simple step. Simply apply on your eyebrows as you would with your lips and then apply it to your lips. Look at yourself in a mirror and you’ll see what I mean. When choosing a lip gloss for this purpose, you want to look for one with moisturizing properties. I’ve chosen a moisturizing lip gloss that I find perfect for this purpose. You can check it here and buy it if you like it, I really recommend it, I hope you like it.

Use a lightweight liquid illuminator 

As you’ve probably noticed already, when it comes to getting a glossy look, the best consistency to look for in a product is lightweight liquid. In this case, this product is especially powerful for this desired look, because it a liquid lightweight ILLUMINATOR, and well, glossy is all about illumination and glow. This product is the powerpunch of the whole combo, and without a doubt will give you and incredible amount of glow. Again, to make things easier for you, I chose a product with the mentioned properties, you can buy it here. I hope you like it.


What you need for a glossy look is a lot of glow and illumination and a very hydrated skin. For that, I recommended to you a moisturizer with Vitamin C and Sodium Hyaluronate, a lightweight-illuminating foundation, a moisturizing lip gloss to apply on both your lips and your eyebrows and a lightweight liquid illiminator.

I hope I could be of help for you. Please leave a comment and ask any question you may have, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

-Your friend, Neil

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