How to get lighter skin tone

To get lighter skin, first you have to understand what the definition of color really is, had you thought about that before? Well, let me tell you. Basically, color is a sensation produced in the eyes of an observer by the reflection of light emitted by an object, so, when we say that someone has lighter skin, literally, we’re saying that the skin of that person is reflecting more light to the eye of an observer. That’s why we use the word LIGHT. Notice that this article is “how to get lighter skin”, not “how to get whiter skin”, which is different. You can have e.g. brown skin, but it can be very glowy brown skin, which would seem lighter in tone, but not because it is whiter, but because it is brighter, it will literally be lighter… Remember everything lies in the eye of the observer, hence, if your face LOOKS lighter, then it is lighter. However, your skin tone will always be your skin tone; you can’t, and my opinion you shouldn’t, want to change it. But if your skin becomes more glowy and more radiant, more LUMINOUS, then, in essence, it is becoming LIGHTER and the appearance of it will certainly be lighter. Let me explain how you can make your skin lighter in that sense.

1.- Avoid Photodamage

Probably you’ve noticed that your skin tone was different when you were younger, that is because throughout your life, you’ve been exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV), primarily from the sun, and that has altered the conditions and tone of your skin. This damage caused exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and that is called Photodamage. What you can do to prevent additional damage is obviously protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, this can be accomplished simply by using products that contain broad spectrum ultraviolet protection (SPF). The higher the SPF, the higher the protection. Obviously, simply by protecting your face from ultraviolet radiation, you are helping your skin recover its natural tone, a lighter tone. Another thing I have to mention is that Photodamage can come not just from the sun, but also from blue light, the light emitted by computers’ screens and cellphones’ screens. Then, if you spend a lot of time in front of these devices, you must wear SPF every day. Simply by following this advice, your skin conditions should improve.

2.- Get LUMINOUS, BRIGHT skin: “Bring” more light to your skin

Damaged skin isn’t luminous, bright or glowy. (See the association of the word light with the words luminous, glow, bright) Protecting from UV radiation is the first step to “cure” your skin from damage, the second is to recover the loss of skin tone by adding glow to your skin. In my opinion, there’s no better way to do that than using a powerful product with Vitamin C. Vitamin C and other antioxidants are perfect to enforce the power of the SPF and give your skin back that loss of glow and bright. Remember, more luminous skin = “lighter” skin.

3.- Be realistic, wear makeup too

Sorry if I burst your bubble, but your Korean (or whatever nationality they are) stars/idols or models you see in magazines, commercials, etc. don’t have those skin tones naturally, they wear makeup… and, well, there’s nothing wrong with that, actually I am telling you this because I will encourage you to wear makeup… but I thought it was important to mention this, because you may think that you can get impressive amounts of glow without makeup, but I think you should be realistic, makeup can help A LOT, besides, the line between makeup and skincare is blurring in these modern times, you can find skincare properties in makeup, that way you get “artificial” looks while at the same time you improve them with “skin-nutrients”, such as antioxidants, emollients and SPF protection. Now that I have explained to you the “need” of wearing makeup, I’m going to explain to you which types of makeup will add extraordinary amounts of glow to your skin. Go for foundations, primers, highlighters, blushes, BB Creams, CC Creams with the words LUMINOUS, ILLUMINATING, GLOW in their labels. Also, in my opinion, LIGHTWEIGHT consistencies are better than creamy or powdery, because these create a more matte and “artificial” finish; actually, avoid matte products too, because these will give you an opaque look and reduce the amount of light that your face will reflect.

4.- Choosing the right makeup for your skin tone

You shouldn’t try to change your natural skin tone or color, my opinion is that when someone tries to change it, this person lacks some self-acceptance and don’t notice the pros and beauty of their own natural skin tone. Another thing: don’t wear a tone of makeup that isn’t your tone trying to make it lighter, it looks terrible and can make you look dumb. Instead, go for makeup that matches your natural skin tone BUT with ingredients that will make your skin more LUMINOUS. That will do the job. If these products contain Vitamin C and antioxidants, the better. Another thing I think is good to look for in makeup (especially foundation) is that it looks natural, makeup that doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup. In my opinion, Sheer coverage is the best for this purpose.


I consider it my duty to help you achieve your goals of getting an even more beautiful skin. That’s why I thought it would be useful to suggest specific products to make it easier for you to take action and grab a product with LUMINOUS properties and “bring” more light to your face. The products that I list below contain the properties that in my opinion are the properties that will “bring” more light to your skin: Vitamin C, E, Antioxidants, SPF (sun protection), it says LUMINOUS and/or GLOW in the label, provides Sheer coverage, is Lightweight and has a very wide range of tones for almost every skin tone. I hope you like the selection I made for you. I tried to find products that offer all the aforementioned benefits in a single bottle. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. Please leave a comment and/or question, I’ll be more than happy to help.

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