How to get a dewy skin – Using one single product


Yes! I know you probably think you need several different products in order to get this HOT look, but, honestly, you only need one single product. These are good news, since you will definitely save not only money, but time, nothing is worse than having to spend hours grooming yourself.  You don’t need to spend too much money or time in order to achieve this wonderful look. So, without further ado, I will go straight to the top. A 30+SPF Tinted Cream For Sensitive Skin is all you need. That’s it. Let me tell you why.




Moisturized and nourished skin= Glowing skin

Your face HAS to be and look soft. Creams for sensitive skins are definitely the best to make your face look and feel much softer, which in return will make your face look more glowing. This look is very easy to achieve this season (Spring), since the weather will naturally enhance it, and applying this type of cream will make it even easier. Also, remember that we aren´t looking for a matte look here, what we’re trying to accomplish here is a dewy look, I would’t say that they are oppossites, but they are definitely different; while a matte finish strives to give you a “porcelain” look, a dewy skin strives to give you a “beachy-healthy” look, kind of like if you were “sweating” a little… if that makes any sense haha, well, that’s why this combination is a winner, as you will see. Now, if you have very oily skin, don’t worry, this cream will actually improve your condition, making your face look dewy instead of oily; on the other hand, if you have a dry skin, this cream will actually hydrate it, but maybe it would be best if you apply your favorite moisturizing cream under it; preferably, I would recommend a moisturizing cream with aloe vera and/or antioxidants.




SPF Protection

I’ve heard several dermatologists say that sun protection is perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to having a beautiful skin. Once I heard one say: “Who are the women with the healthiest skins? Nuns, because they have so little direct sun exposure”. So, it seems like many experts agree on this one; sun exposure seriously hurt your skin, it worsens acne, accelarates aging, dries, inflammates and oxydate your skin; with this in mind, consider that this cream will keep your skin protected from signs of aging, inflamation, oxidation, dark spots, wrinkles, even from acne. Important, huh? This SPF factor will contribute to improve your skin condition in general over time. Actually, if you could choose only one product to use for the rest of your life, it would definitely be sun screen. But the good news is that you can have sun protection added to your cream. Another interesting tip is: When choosing your preferred cream, look for one with antioxidants, since this will potenciate the sun protection effect.

Flawless skin

Specially when it comes to this look, a flawless skin is necessary, but don’t worry, it is very easily achievable, since this type of creams will give you a natural-looking type of “foundation”. Even if you are a man, you can use it and nobody will think you are wearing any makeup, but the tone of your face will look uniform and flawless, hiding and healing any flaws you may have in your face, including scars, pimples, dark spots, etc. Note: It’s possible that you don’t find your perfect tone for your skin, since sometimes these type of creams have no more than 3 tonalities, which in my opinion covers most skin tones, but not all of them, however, if you don’t find a tinted cream that matches your skin tone, don’t worry, you can simply get the “non-tinted” version of it and simply apply your favorite foundation over it.



This is another benefit that comes with creams for sensitive skins with soothing and anti-irritating properties. Rich, creamy textures that characterize these creams will be key, since it will give your face a dimension difficult to explain, but basically, it will make it look younger. I believe that one should love oneself, I firmly believe that looking good is a sign of self love and self-esteem. Treating your skin nicely will be perceived by people in indirect ways. Using a cream for sensitive skin will make your skin feel and look much younger, I asure you that. It is difficult to explain, since you “feel” it and “see” it when you use these creams; trust me on this one, you’ll feel and look great.


The combination of the following labels in a facial cream will give you the perfect hot glowy appearance:

  1. “For sensitive skin”
  2. “+30SPF Sun protection”
  3. “Tinted”


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