What is a skincare regimen – Summarized

A skincare regimen is the things that you do everyday to keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy. It includes:


Cleansing is the act of washing your face using a Face Cleanser: usually a soapy gel product with cleaning properties adapted especially for the skin, it helps to remove dirt, bacteria and unclog your pores. You want to wash your face with warm water (not cold, not hot) gently, and remove the cleanser with warm water as well. Being gentle with your skin is especially important, because your face is delicate and the gentler you treat it, the better it will look. The usual recommendation is to do it in the morning and in the evening, because if you go to bed with makeup on your face, your pores can get clogged and your overall appearance can be affected. Part of keeping your skin clean and beautiful is keeping your pillow and sheets clean too, because your skin will be in contact with them while you sleep. Keep your skin clean by getting a cleanser clicking here!


Toning is basically the act of refining the Cleansing. You can tone your skin by applying a liquid product named Toner after you wash and dry your face using a cotton ball. Remember you must wash your face gently? Well, sometimes you may be tempted to go harder on it in order to “deep cleanse”, but that would be a mistake… that’s precisely the Toner’s job, to deep-clean without treating your skin badly. To tone your skin, and give your face that gentle deep cleansing, and keeping it radiant and pure, get your Toner by clicking here!


Exfoliating is basically the act of carefully scrubbing your skin in order to cleanse the skin, therefore, this could be considered part of the Cleansing habits, however, exfoliation shouldn’t be done very frecuently, once every two weeks should be fine, but no more than that, because too much exfoliation can make your skin sensitive and hurt more than help; besides, if you’ve been cleaning your face day and night, and toning it, you shouldn’t really need exfoliating more than once a month. For this, you can simply use a scrubber or an exfoliating cleanser, which you apply by softly massaging your face (avoiding the area surrounding your eye) for about a minute and then remove with warm (not hot, not cold) water or a damp cloth. Click here to start exfoliating your face and give it that extra glow!


Moisturizing is basically hydrating, protecting and lubricating your skin, the product you need to moisturize your skin is the “most famous” skincare product, the moisturizer, typically simply called face cream. Most creams are moisturizers, they are used to mainly keep your face from drying. Moisturizers are applied after cleaning your face and after the toner, but before the sun-screen. Buy a Moisturizer for your specific skin type clicking here.


This is a very important daily habit you must acquire if you want to take care of your skin. Don’t leave the sun-protection only for sunny days. UV rays are very damaging for you skin, therefore, this is definitely part of a complete skincare regimen. It should be applied after applying the moisturizer. The “power” of protection is expresses with the letters SPF, the higher the number, the stronger the sun-protection. A 25-30 SPF is fine, more  than that isn’t necessary unless you have sensitive skin or you are too expossed to the sun due to your specific activities. Another thing that I have to mention here is that the light emitted by your computer screen and your cellphone is very harmful for your skin too. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen or the cellphone, definitely you need a sun-protection product if you want to have a radiant, glowy and beautiful skin. Take action and get one here!

Moisturizing + Sun-protection + Coverage= one product 

I have to say from the beginning that I love these products, because they are really practical, they are very easy to use, make your life easier, gives your face a very natural looking glow and coverage, all in one single product. You can cover the Moisturizing, the Sun-protection part and apply makeup in 1-2 minutes. These products are Tinted Sunscreens, BB Creams and CC Creams. These three products offer Moisturizing, Sun-Protection and coverage, all in one. In my opinion, there isn’t much of a difference between these three products, but any of the three is great. Get your own Tinted Sunscreen here.  Get your own BB Cream here and/or your CC Cream here!


A mask is a blend of ingredients you apply on your face, leave for 10-15 minutes and then remove. The purpose of a mask is treating your specific skin needs directly, for example if you have a dry skin, an avocado mask could be applied on your face, left for 10-15 minutes and then removed with warm water and/or a damp cloth. A mask can be applied once a week. A mask is applied after cleaning and drying your face and before you apply the toner and the moisturizer. Buy a face mask specificly for you skin needs by clicking here!


A serum, in a few words, is a concentrate, a power-punch. It’s a concentrated formula that targets your specific issues. It is applied after the toner and before the moisturizer. I would recommend using a Vitamin C serum to greatly boost the glow of your skin and to boost the protective power of your sunscreen/BB Cream/CC Cream. There are serums for every specific need of your skin, although I really recommend a Vitamin C Serum. Get your own serum by clicking here!

Eye Creams

The skin around your eyes are very sensitive and require especial attention because it is an area that easily can manifest signs of aging if not treated nicely. You should always touch and wash this part of your skin very softly. Eye creams are creams formulated specifically to give your skin in this area a fresh look, helping to prevent premature signs of aging and also helping with dark circles. I personally believe that using a good eye cream really makes a difference in your looks! Click here to get your own eye cream and start taking care of this important area of your skin!

Lip balm/Lip moisturizer

Just like with the skin around your eyes, your lips are more sensitive than the rest of your face. Your lips must be taken care of by cleaning them very softly and touched with care just like with the area around your eyes. You need a specific type of moisture for your lips in order to protect them and keep them moist, soft and beautiful. You can use a lip balm just for that. I would recommend one that adds shine to your lips and if it contains sun-protection, the better. A good idea, in my opinion, would be to get a lipstick that contains moisturizing properties and sun-protection at the same time, just like tinted moisturizers, BB creams or CC creams do with the rest of your face, but in this case, for your lips. Take care of your lips after getting your own lip balm clicking here!


A skincare regimen is a series of habits that help your skin look its best. It includes: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toning, Moisturizing, Sun-Protection, Serums and Masks. The skin around the area of your eyes and lips is particularly sensitive and require especial care. If you apply all the products, this would be the order: Cleanser>Toner>Serum>Moisturizer>Eye Cream>Sun-Protection and/or SPF Tinted Moiturizer, BB Cream or CC Cream)>Lip Balm/Lip Moisturizer.

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